Use Policy

This document is for authorized users and account holders of/for mail, web, and/or FTP services on It explains the policies under which the administrators of the site and the server allow these users to use services. The contents of this document may change from time to time at the pleasure (or displeasure) of the administrators. is a non-profit hobby domain. It is run solely at the pleasure of the administration, who do it for fun and to provide mail, web, and FTP services for themselves and to projects that interest them. Because the server has excess capacity, we are happy to offer services to friends and family. is not a commercial web host or mail server. We do not have guaranteed uptime, nor do we guarantee timely responses to service requests. We try to keep services up because we use them; however, due to circumstances beyond our control, the server may go down and we may not be able to bring it back up immediately.

The server is hosted by in Atlanta, GA, and so is subject to both The Terms of Service, and US Government regulation. Be warned.

Because we use to run projects of interest to us, we have not added and may never add many advanced capabilities to the server. We do this for fun, and debugging programs and capabilities we aren't using is not necessarily fun. It's not always fun when we do it for our own stuff, but at least we enjoy the rewards in that case. management is laid back about what appears on the site and what you do with your personal email account. However, any site or account that causes us sufficient amounts of annoyance and trouble will be asked to move elsewhere at the sole discretion of the administrators. Potential causes of annoyance and trouble include:

All of these activities are also forbidden to unauthorized users of

We reserve the right to request that anything that impedes our use of web or mail services be moved elsewhere. We reserve the right to request that any web page that generates complaints be moved elsewhere.

If you have any questions about something you want to host on, please contact the administrators before you put it up on the site. We are less cranky when people ask permission than we are when people ask forgiveness.

last updated 29 September 2006 by Harald Koch.

This document was borrowed, with permission and our thanks, from Ginger Stampley and Michael Croft, and modified to match local policies.